We recently moved to a house in Meadow Springs and the kitchen needed some TLC. After shopping around, Estuary Cabinets stood out from the rest so we asked Ron to give us a quote. The next day he arrived as promised, discussed with us our ideas, modified and improved them a little then sat down and produced a diagram of our new kitchen. It was just perfect for us. No quote fee required.

In a few days he invited us to his workshop where we selected colours and materials. Nothing was too much of a problem and we departed very happy in expectation. Our old dark uninviting kitchen was doomed when Ron and his team arrived, on schedule, with everything necessary to do the job. Two days later we waved the plumber goodbye and could have prepared a meal.

The next day Ron and his team re-appeared to clean up and check whether we had any further requirements. All appliances were at a perfect height for the vertically challenged person-in-residence and everything worked perfectly, as Ron said it would. We could not be more pleased with the work done by Ron and his team of efficient and cheerful professionals. Their work was so good we had extras done around the house, all to the very high standard now expected of Estuary Cabinets.

We are unable to speak more highly of the work done than that of a sub-contractor who assured us “We see them all and Estuary Cabinets are by far the best”.

Ron & Barbara



Allow me to tell you why I love my kitchen! What I thought was going to be a daunting experience turned out to be a great journey with an incredible finish. It all began when Ron Ashby from Estuary cabinets was invited to provide a quote for our kitchen.

Unlike other cabinetmakers who request you to do a measure or take house plans to their place of business, Ron arrived at our home ready to do business. After discussion as to my preferences and his suggestions, he quickly assessed the situation, formulated the ideas and amazingly, within minutes, sketched what the finished kitchen would look like. Very impressive!

Within days, the quote was ready and we decided to go ahead with the plans. The next step involved ensuring that everything was just as I wanted it to be. Ron carefully went through each section of the kitchen, again offering suggestions and listening to my requests; patiently making changes where needed. All well worth the effort. I could now appreciate exactly what my new kitchen would really look like.

A few weeks later…great excitement! The new kitchen was to be installed. Ron and is lads arrived early morning, instantly setting to work, pulling out the old to install the new. All the cupboards and appliances fitted like a glove and looked fantastic.

I can recommend Ron to anyone who is contemplating a kitchen makeover. They would benefit from his quiet calm manner, efficiency, experience and expertise. Best of all, as the customer, I had no stress, no strain, just a dream kitchen.

Thanks Estuary Cabinets


Thank you to Ron and his wonderful team who have given us a fantastic kitchen and laundry. It is a year since you came to our house, designed our kitchen and proceeded to make it all happen. Six months of a fully functional kitchen has given us plenty of time to find any faults and we can safely say there are none! It is the most practical, functional and modern kitchen and every day we get enjoyment out of the design, layout and quality of the finish.

Gone: hideous orange Bench tops
Gone: yellow cupboards
Gone: poor design
Gone: poor layout
Gone : no cupboard space
Arrived : Spacious
Arrived : Practical
Arrived : Modern
Arrived : A calm and enjoyable workspace for everyone in the family

We still Love it!!

And Louise loves the added bonus of the laundry! Who says mistakes are bad? A man you just gets the job done with the minimum of fuss and as little inconvenience as possible. And a great source of contact for all the other tradesmen that he brings with him.

Thanks for everything

Louise and Tony  


Wow, you should see our kitchen now. It is bright, light, attractive and absolutely beautiful. Working with Ron and his team of craftsmen was a great experience, nothing was too hard for them. Ron provided a team of tradesmen for us, electrician, plumber and tiler. It saved so much running around getting quotes when he has his finger on the pulse right in his little office. Ron sat down one afternoon in our dining room and drew his interpretation of what we could have and true to word - he built exactly as he had drawn that afternoon. Everything fitted exactly into place which such little upheaval to the house, he knocked down walls for us and stacked the rubble in neat piles for us. Absolutely nothing too much trouble for him and the team. Our old kitchen was removed in the morning and the new one fitted the same afternoon so that we could cook the evening meal that night. He treated us with gentlemanly respect and offered his wide range of knowledge and experience, he is a man who really enjoys his craft and he is very proud to show his masterpieces in the showroom and workshop. We cannot give enough praise to this local business. We are absolutely over the moon and should any prospective customers want to come and view our fabulous kitchen, you are all more than welcome.

Thank you Ron for your good old fashioned local service.


Thank you Ron for the wonderful kitchen transformation and job well done. We appreciate the care, patience and assurance you gave in the design of our kitchen. The renovation process was quick. We are grateful for the extra attention given to protect our existing furniture from damage and dust. There would be no hesitation on our part to recommend you to our family and friends. In fact, we have already done that!


We were more than pleased with Ron and his team. From the first moment he came to give us a quote I felt happy. Ron had many good ideas and was more than happy to listen to what we wanted. The workmanship is very high, work was completed on time and with as little inconvenience to us as possible. Communication between us was excellent and I knew exactly when walls were being taken out and how long we would be without the use of the kitchen. I have no hesitation in recommending Estuary Cabinets. In fact we have friends who have also used them and like us are very happy with the finished product.

Thanks Ron I love my new kitchen.


We were very impressed with Ron and his team, right from the beginning. We were unsure which direction to go in with our kitchen, and Ron came in and gave us lots of ideas to work with. Our new kitchen was installed on time, with very little inconvenience to our household, and we love it. It is modern, functional, and has made a huge difference to our home. We have no hesitation in recommending Estuary Cabinets to anyone thinking of a kitchen renovation, their workmanship is excellent, and they were professional, friendly, and delivered on time.


This experience was the best! Everything from design to installation was brilliant and nothing was too much trouble. The date for completion was in fact the date it was completed. The workmanship was top notch and the staff were all very pleasant, polite, and tidy. If you are looking for quality, then contact Estuary Cabinets!


Dear Ron

Re: Colleens New Kitchen.

We take this opportunity to thank you and your Team for our Superb Kitchen.

We have no hesitation in Recommending you & your firm to family,friends or anyone contemplating a new Kitchen.

Over my working life I’ve worked with many Extremely Efficient, Effective & Creative People and you Displayed all these Attributes.

The Expertise shown in giving accurate Quotes, Schedules,Attention to Detail,Friendly Advice and Assistance in Design was Outstanding.

Once Again we thank you and have no hesitation in Recommending your company, your Motto should read “Attention to Detail is our Priority”

Fred & Colleen


To Ron and Staff at Estuary Cabinets

We cannot thank you enough for your fantastic service and brilliant workmanship.

From the moment you walked into the kitchen, took a seat and started drawing our new kitchen, we knew that you were going to get the job of building it. You seemed excited at the prospect of building our dream kitchen, you went crazy with the masking tape mapping out the new cupboards that it all looked like a crime scene by the time you had finished!!

We had fun picking out colours, textures and fittings with you in your showroom, you were very proud to show us pictures of other beautiful kitchens but we knew deep down that our kitchen would turn out the best. And it did. 

Monday morning you arrived with your team, everything was disconnected, dismantled and we went to work to leave you all alone.  We returned from work to find our beautiful kitchen complete, everything reconnected and ready for the evening meal to be cooked.

There was so little disruption and so little inconvenience and the amazing thing was that everything fitted perfectly.  You even went beyond that actual building of the kitchen because you knew that we were unable to knock down the old pantry and you arranged to have it knocked down for us, the rubble was very neatly stacked in piles of large bricks and medium bricks, and you assisted in the delivery of the old kitchen, all with a positive smile on your face.

It is wonderful to find a local business whose price was comparative with the other businesses, but they don’t have the pride that you show in your work.  You have been professional, a master of your trade and a true gentleman.  It is not often that we get the service that you and your team have supplied.

To Ron, Debbie and the staff at Estuary Cabinets – a big thankyou for a fantastic job well done, thank you for the experience and thank you for the stubby holders and mugs. Yay.

Ray and Vivian


A Letter of Thanks to Estuary Cabinets Mandurah

Thanks so much to Ron and his team at Estuary Cabinets for transforming our kitchen and giving it the “wow factor” that I so much wanted.
Of the three companies that I contacted when seeking ideas for our kitchen renovation, Ron was the only one that sat down on the initial visit and sketched his vision of what could be done. He then proceeded to mark out the various locations of the fridge, stove and benches etc, so that we could better understand his ideas and change them if desired. Ron gave us confidence that he could do the job and we would get what we wanted.
The renovation, when it commenced, was done quickly and with minimum disruption. Most importantly, the workmanship was excellent. Ron organised all the necessary tradesmen to complete the electrical and plumbing work, reducing the stress of us trying to find tradesmen at short notice.
We now have a practical and workable kitchen that is the centre piece of our home. Thanks Ron, you have done a great job !

Linda Perkins


Dear Ron We would like to Thank you for our lovely new kitchen. It has been admired by our Friends and Relations and they all comment on your design and workmanship. Ron and I both agree it was a please to have you and your boys in our home and may you build many more Beautiful Kitchens in the Future.

Regards Ron & Audrey


Dear Ron Just a short note of thanks for our kitchen makeover. It was extremely pleasant dealing with yourself and your efficient team. The kitchen has turned out exactly as I visualized it would be, thanks to your professionalism. I would recommend you to anyone and we are quite happy for you to use it in your before and after website section.

Regards Bill and Judy September 2008


Dear Ron,

I would like to thank you and all your staff for the re-design and the assembly of our new kitchen.

The fear of impending stress in remodelling and constructing a kitchen can be daunting for home owners, however from the first meeting with you our fears were allayed. Your professionalism and inspiration immediately put us at ease and we were extremely happy with the results that you produced.
Your creative tendency turned our “glossy magazine ideas” into reality and your experience in the industry ensured that we did not make any unworkable decisions. The quality of your work is incontestable which is confirmed by your extreme attention to detail.

Once again thankyou for your personal input into making the onerous task of a major renovation into a minor inconvenience with fantastic results.

I would definitely recommend the quality of your work and your work ethos to anyone who requires a kitchen renovation or a makeover. Please feel free to pass my phone number onto any prospective customers if they are undecided about using your services.


Tim and Michelle

1st Aug 2008


Dear Ron

We wish to express our sincere thanks to you for creating wonderful designs by way of the lovely kitchen, laundry, bathroom and ensuite in our new home. We still have a hard time convincing ourselves that it is really ours!! Obviously need to spend a lot more time there!!

We will always remember the design process you took us through from the beginning and your creative drawings which were able to show us how everything was going to look. To be able to see it all set out as a template on your workshop floor was inspirational and gave us complete confidence in your abilities.  We knew from the first meeting that we could depend on you to deliver the best in quality and professionalism.

We appreciated your guidance when it came to choosing the products and the materials and these are always difficult decisions to make. We have everything and more that we could possibly imagine with the finished result
The kitchen is very easy to work in, with everything being in reach, plenty of cupboard space, easy to clean and looks amazing!

The laundry combined sewing room which is a joy to get busy in. All benches cabinets and the laundry chute all work well with the amount of limited space there is available.

Both the bathroom and ensuite have great design qualities. The polytek cabinets look beautiful including the vanities.

We have been very fortunate to have had extremely talented professionals to create and construct the interior of this beautiful home. The experience has made this an easy and most satisfying undertaking. Congratulations! Ron and staff on outstanding workmanship. We will be enjoying your efforts for many hours days and years. It’s our dream come true and are very grateful to everyone on achieving a magnificent result.

Kind Regards

Sharon & Stan

July 2008


Dear Ron

Just a brief note to thank you for your fantastic contribution to the renovation of our home. Your help in defining the concept, and designing wonderful cabinets for our kitchen, outdoor kitchen, bathrooms, laundry and study really developed our vision of what our home could be.

As the ‘heart of the house’, our kitchen is perfect; as beautiful as it is functional. This is attributable to your many innovative suggestions about design, but moreover your willingness to listen to us about how we live and what we need out of our kitchen. This ability to work with people, rather than simply telling them what they want is rare, and one of the many things that inspired our confidence in your company.

Your attention to detail, quality workmanship and professional approach to the work completed in our home will ensure that we recommend Estuary Cabinets to many people in years to come. Indeed, we already have, as everyone who has visited us since the renovation was completed enquires (with a touch of awe in their tone) about who did our kitchen. We delight in telling them about you and your team, and invariably give them the guided tour of our house, which has samples of your work in almost every room! No one has failed to be very impressed.

Above all Ron, we would like to thank you for your reliability, positive attitude, good humour and willingness to go the extra mile for us. You never made us feel that we were asking too much, and went out of your way to ensure that we got exactly what we wanted. Throughout the renovation ‘ordeal’, you took care of our project as if it were your own. We could not have been in better hands.

Our sincere thanks

Jan and Glenn


Dear Ron

Today another fabulous feast has been prepared in my wonderful new kitchen. We had a dinner party for ten people that was a breeze due to the layout you designed for us. Everything was in just the right position, the pull-out bins just where you need them, the uniquely designed shelving for corner cupboards made retrieval of items easy, the spice drawer handy to the stove top, in fact everything is placed so well I find I just have to turn around to put my hand on everything I need.

Your design is not the only positive when Estuary Cabinets are on the job, Ron, I must commend you on your professionalism. When working with us you always prepared initial drawings promptly, along with any amended drawings; you were always punctual when keeping appointments; your employees worked quickly and cleanly with minimum of disruption and took the greatest of care; it was obvious you worked very hard to make the process of doing business with Estuary Cabinets as smooth and trouble free as possible. Having undertaken a few major renovations both in our business and our homes at various times, we understand that this is a feat in itself.

Yesterday some visitors saw the kitchen for the first time and they, like many others, cannot help but remark on the look and the craftsmanship. Your kitchen has definitely added value to our home. As we continue with our renovations, I can’t wait to see what you will do with the laundry. We look forward to doing business with you again soon.

Yours sincerely

Jo & Steve


11Tth September 2002

Ron Ashby
Estuary Cabinets
12 Rafferty Close
Mandurah WA 6210

Dear Ron

I am writing to express my gratitude to you in helping with our recent kitchen renovation. During our search for a new kitchen, time and time again your business was recommended to us.

We followed advice and sought your expert services. I am amazed and thrilled with the final outcome and to this day, am stunned to how you are able to turn a 3 hour sketch into a “Kitchen Masterpiece”! even the lip, that yourself and Bill preferred, has turned out to be a great and handy choice (much to my huffing and puffing). Hate to admit it.

Your installation crew did a wonderful job and made the whole experience quite painless. They were both very professional and extremely polite. A big hug and pat on the back to them all. I shall have no hesitation in recommending your business to friends and acquaintances in need of home improvements.

I wish you all the very best and once again, thank you very much for our wonderful new kitchen.


Joanna and Bill


Dear Ron

“CONGRATULATIONS!” ……… The kitchen renovation at our home has been the talk of everyone who has seen it. Needless to say we are very pleased with the new “look” and extend our thanks to you for a job well done.

When we decided to renovate there were certain things which we wanted for the kitchen area. It was an area which had to feature in the everyday living of both of us and fit into the overall spaciousness of our living area.

Having you attend our house to discuss the design, storage, cupboards, the functionality and that special “look” made the whole concept easy to visualise and understand. What we wanted was incorporated into the design with the minimum of fuss and where changes were necessary your expertise in design was very much appreciated.

With the house renovations completed it is understandable why you were recommended. Sometimes such recommendations do not stand the test of the finished product, but in this case we are glad to have accepted such advice. Your personal advice and assistance was something that sometimes is missing in contemporary business.

We are both extremely pleased with the outcome and you certainly lived up to your principle of “QUALITY KITCHEN RENOVATIONS”.

Yours truly,

Dave & Jo


To whom it may concern

Ron Ashby came highly recommended highly to us when we were contemplating renovating our kitchen. It is our pleasure to now be able to recommend Ron and his company to others.

From the very first meeting to discuss plans, to the final product, Ron has been professional, friendly, helpful, punctual and full of very innovative ideas to ensure the kitchen was exactly what we wanted. Ron took personal pride and commitment in the job – providing his experienced opinion to ensure that each detail would work but still allowed us a lot of scope for our ideas and requirements.

We were also very impressed with Ron’s project management, ensuring all the other tradesmen involved in the renovation worked according to plan and timetable. Ron’s staff (during the installation and also construction) were committed, helpful and pleasant.

We are absolutely delighted with our kitchen, which came in on budget, on time and also the envy of our friends!

Thankyou Ron – you made a potentially daunting experience into a total pleasure.

Kind regards

Melanie and Stephen



Dear Ron

Just a note to thank you so much for our wonderful kitchen renovation. It exceeded our wildest dreams!

We were very impressed with your professional yet personal approach and efficiency in completing the job with the minimum amount of disruption.

Yours sincerely

Paul and Lynda

P.S. We would recommend you to anyone


14 January 2003

Dear Ron and Staff

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the work done to our kitchen.

Also for the customer service you provided, which was outstanding, we appreciated your professional advice and being kept in touch with the progress of our cupboards.

Before our renovation the kitchen was too small and cooking was always a much-hated task. Our old kitchen was definitely not the hub of our house. With our new kitchen the whole family enjoy cooking. It is even a pleasure to clean!

Visitors to our home cannot believe the difference the renovation has made to the whole house and we love to hear their compliments. It has opened up the family room and looks so modern, it has also made a huge difference to the valuation of our property.

The whole project of renovating our kitchen was made so much easier with your expertise, for which we thank you.

Yours sincerely

Gary and Robyn



Dear Ron

We are absolutely delighted with our kitchen – it is everything we had hoped for and envisioned. Thank you for all your advice and suggestions and above all for your superior workmanship.

As owner-builders we were very fastidious when choosing subcontractors. We always followed two principles:

1. they had to come highly recommended, and
2. they had to be people we personally liked and trusted.

You met those two criteria in spades!

We feel it was a joy and privilege to have made your acquaintance. Thanks again to you and your staff for doing such a splendid job.

Warmest regards

Tony & Lynne


5 October 2005

Dear Ron

Maki and I are very happy with our new kitchen.

We enjoyed the whole process of planning it together with you and were very impressed by your skill, knowledge, creativity and ability to incorporate our input into the design. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is superb and the coordination of the seven different trades involved was immensely helpful. Something that would certainly have driven us around the bend.

We have no hesitation recommending you to anyone who is planning alterations to their kitchen and is as fussy as we.

Thank you for a job well done!

Hermann and Maki


The Manager
Estuary Cabinets

Dear Ron

Just a short note of appreciation of your work in our new generation kitchen.

We are extremely happy with the workmanship and your designing, with your understanding of our needs.

The finishing touches of granite tops to the cabinet work and the attention to fine detail of the shelf designs are all a part of the service we were expecting and received, was a credit to you and all of your crew.

We would strongly recommend your expertise for the construction of any kitchen or bathroom renovation.

Kind regards

Mr & Mrs L & M Percy

15 December 2004


April 2003

We love our new kitchen … and can’t thank Ron Ashby enough!

The attention to detail and professionalism Ron displayed during his initial visit; his subsequent patience and guidance in our selection of colours and materials; and the finished product that he delivered was perfect. It was also wonderful that Ron installed our kitchen within the time frame initially discussed and agreed to.

Thank you Ron

Barry and Pauline


13th June 2002

To Whom It May Concern:

We have recently had a kitchen installed by Estuary Cabinets and we are delighted with the finish and quality of our new modern kitchen.
Ron and his staff were very professional from start to finish. Ron designed and built the kitchen to our complete satisfaction. Ron’s many years of experience allowed maximum utilisation of space in a totally functional kitchen.

We have no hesitation in recommending Estuary Cabinets to anyone who may be considering a beautiful new kitchen.



Dear Ron

We want to thank you for the great job you have done on our cupboards. We are very pleased with them.


Greg & Sue


Dear Ron

Just a quick note to again say “ Thank you” for our lovely new kitchen. We are delighted with the way it’s turned out and your great input and interest in making sure everything was done on time. We really appreciate your attention.
Bathroom cupboards next project!

Betty and Jim


30 April 1998

To Ron

We are delighted with our new kitchen from Estuary Cabinets.

The professional manner in which the job was handles from start to finish is what impressed us. There were no hassles of hiccups during the renovation and best of all, the price compared most favourably with other quotes we received.

We would recommend Estuary Cabinets to anyone who has an eye for quality at a very reasonable cost.


Les and Beryl


1 November 1998

Many testimonials are not worth the paper they are written on. This one we are happy to say is worth its weight in gold. Ron Ashby of Estuary Cabinets made our kitchen, laundry and bathroom cabinets for our new home to complete satisfaction. Ron has utmost patience and gives freely of his time to ensure the end product is what the customer wants albeit with some professional advice.

We are pleased to recommend Estuary Cabinets for your kitchen, laundry and bathroom cabinets.

Joe and Lorraine

1 May 2002


Dear Ron

Please pass on our thanks to your staff for their excellent craftsmanship in the construction of our new kitchen.

Our thanks go to you for your advice and imagination in the design and your helpful and innovative suggestions.

Also, your effort in hanging the island range hood was very much appreciated.

We believe that it would be unlikely to better what you have done (excepting gyprocking the face brick perhaps – private joke).

We are totally satisfied with you total process, from our first meeting to paying for what has added much beauty and practicality to our home.

Certainly, we would have no hesitation if any of your customers wished to inspect our kitchen.

Thanks Ron

Pat & Phil


26th February 2002

Dear Ron

Jean and I are delighted with the new kitchen that you designed and installed for us recently. We are pleased particularly that you made careful note of Jean’s wishes and as a result, utilised the limited space available to make our kitchen not only more practical but also an attractive feature or our house.

We would have no hesitation in recommending your craftsmanship and service to anyone currently unhappy with their culinary habitat.

Yours sincerely

Jean and Ron

Dudley Park


10 January 2002

Dear Ron

Now the dust has settled on the Christmas season, George and I would like to thank you for the wonderful kitchen, which helped immensely in catering for our family during the holidays.

We were very impressed with your attention to detail, promptness in completing the work and the fine workmanship you and your staff provided in taking out the old and fitting the new kitchen.

The drawers are so spacious and seem like they ride on air, the spice drawer is an absolute treasure and I would highly recommend it to anyone that is into cooking. Your idea of hiding the old exhaust fan with a façade finished the kitchen off wonderfully.

All in all you have some very satisfied customers who would have no hesitation in recommending you and your staff to friends or future clients. George and I wish you, your family and staff a very healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.


George & Beth


27 November 2002

To Whom It May Concern

I write to tell you how happy we are with the kitchen renovations carried out by Ron Ashby of Estuary Cabinets.

We first approached Ron with plans that had been drawn up by a friend having already taken them to two other firms for quotes. We were immediately impressed by his professionalism. The office/showroom at his work gave us confidence in his ability and his friendly manner backed this up.
We were further impressed by the fact that he was the only one of the three to come out to our home and view the job before submitting the quote. We had all but decided that this was our man and the fact that his quote was lower than the other two sealed the deal.

We cannot speak highly enough of his work and his attention to detail which ensures that the finished product is nothing short of perfect. Nothing we requested was too much trouble and even after a full days hard work taking out our old kitchen cupboards and installing the new he was still smiling.

We are happy, indeed proud, to show off our kitchen to anyone who would like confirmation of the excellent workmanship of Ron Ashby of Estuary Cabinets.

Val & Tom


Dear Ron

I would like to thank you for all your hard work. Our kitchen has exceeded our expectations and we are thoroughly delighted with it. Please also thank your workers for us, as they also take pride in their work.

Thanks again

Wayne & Michelle


November 19, 2003

Dear Ron

Sometime ago my wife and I decided to do out our 1970’s style kitchen. Naturally we shopped around for the best deal and price, after a fair bit of running around we settled on your company Estuary Cabinets to do the supply and fit out. The overriding factor for choosing your company was the total commitment you showed in the design and the suggestions you made in bringing this work to a very satisfactory and successful conclusion. We are very pleased with the result and a number of people have said the overall finish is of high standard.

Ron, Maureen and myself are extremely happy with the end result and along with the photos you have taken would be happy to highly recommend to anyone who would like a reference for the work done and to have a look on site at the finished job.

Yours sincerely

Bill & Maureen


Dear Ron

Just a note of thanks for the excellent job on renovating our kitchen and hallway. We feel the workmanship is outstanding, well worth every cent.


Brad & Deb

P.S. thanks for the cutting boards & stubby holders etc.



Dear Ron

What a great Christmas present! Thank you for my beautiful new kitchen in our holiday home. We were thrilled with the result and thank you for your advice and professional approach and workmanship.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you and your family

Leith and Gavin


Dear Ron

We wish to express our appreciation in writing in relation to the high quality refurbishment of our kitchen carried out by Estuary Cabinets.

It is some six months since the work was completed and we are sure you would be proud of the number of compliments we have received regarding the quality and design of the finished product.

The professional approach of Estuary Cabinets under your direction and the manner in which the various tradesmen carried out their work was very much appreciated.

We wish you every success in the future, Ron, and feel sure that Estuary Cabinets will have many more happy customers.

Kind regards

Norm and Elaine



Dear Ron

We would like to thank you for your guidance, advice and patience during our project. Also, your being available to us outside business hours on weekends has been greatly appreciated.

Thank you again for a beautiful job, which is so important to the overall finish to our house.


Lynne & Vic


Dear Ron & all the team at Estuary Cabinets

Please forgive me for putting pen to paper only now to thank you so very much for my beautiful kitchen, but we have been flat strap then crook with the flu. That does not mean I haven’t wanted to write, far from it.

Ron, when you came and checked out our old kitchen & the home, I asked if you could perform a miracle, to which you said nothing – just smiled. Well what you did for us is nothing short of a miracle and I am so happy and proud of my new kitchen. It’s just gorgeous. You’re a professional and a gentleman Ron and we hold you in high regard. If any clients want to come around and have a look please don’t hesitate to call around. I look forward to working with you again if I ever need another kitchen.

Many thanks again and our best regards to you and your team.

Shirley Anne & Rob


We wish to acknowledge the excellent services and workmanship of Ron Ashby and the team at Estuary Cabinets.

Over that past 25 years we have undertaken many renovations and alterations to property and without doubt the work produced by Estuary Cabinets has been the ultimate in perfection.

We requested from Ron a kitchen that was not just “standard” cabinet-work and they produced a beautiful kitchen on time and limited fuss. The design work was exceptional and Ron listened to our ideas and added his expertise.

The support team of granite suppliers and installers, electrician, tiler and plumber were also outstanding in their professionalism.

It has been great pleasure to work with a team who have a good work ethic and know how to complete all the requirements of their job.

We thank you Ron Ashby and all at Estuary Cabinets.

Jim and Lynn



17th March 2006-12-06

Dear Ron and staff

Thankyou so much for our lovely new kitchen, my husband and I are so impressed with the whole job and the way you organised the plumber, electrician and tiler with no inconvenience to us whatsoever.

You have given us exactly what we asked for so promptly and been a pleasure to deal with. The kitchen was completely installed on a Wednesday and tiling completed by Friday all with cleaning up done as the jobs were completed.

All and all a fantastic job all round and the price was excellent!

Thank you again

Judy & Peter


To Estuary Cabinets

Dear Ron

We would like to say a very big thank you for our wonderful new kitchen.

Your time and help was very much appreciated when making our choices and setting out the kitchen design.

Now that the painting is finished and all the appliances fixed to the walls etc., we have taken some photos and have enclosed them for you to look at and use if you would like to.

Seeing the before and after photos show how amazing the transformation is.

Once again thanks very much to yourself and the rest of the team for your help and wonderful work.


Jim and Sue


16 May 2005

Dear Ron

I am writing to thank you for the wonderful work you and your team did in renovating my kitchen.

I am so happy with the end result, and not knowing exactly what I wanted in the beginning, I was impressed with your suggestions and expertise in design.

I admit to getting more than one quote, but the final choice was easy. I am so glad that I chose Estuary Cabinets to do the job for me, which was done with a minimum of disruption.

I have no hesitation in recommending your company to any prospective customers. I am sure that they will be, as I am, more than satisfied with their new kitchen.

Yours sincerely



Dear Ron and Staff

We would like to thank you for designing and installing our new kitchen. We never dreamed that what you did was possible, but you proved that any dream could come true.

We were overwhelmed by what can happen in three days. Your total commitment in making sure everything was installed just right and your professional outlook we found superb.

Once again a huge thank you from both of us. We would have no hesitation about recommending you and your staff to anybody needing a new kitchen.

Best regards

Bob and Val


December 2004

Dear Ron

We are writing this letter to thank you very much for your craftsmanship in our new kitchen. You were very helpful with ideas and showed a passion for your work, which is hard to find today. I would highly recommend you as you were very reliable and gave freely of your time to help with preparing for and installing our new kitchen, much beyond your call of duty.

You and your team were very courteous.

It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Yours faithfully

Michelle and Bruce


Dear Ron,

Just a short note to thank you personally for your efforts in the manufacture and installation of our beautiful new kitchen. Your input to the design and the professionalism with which you went about ensuring that the final installation would be up to our expectations was greatly appreciated. Your willingness to accommodate our wishes and the speed in which the job was done was quite amazing. To be able to use our new kitchen for Christmas in lieu of February as originally promised was a bonus we had not expected. We are extremely pleased with the final overall result, which, in our opionion is nothing short of stunning.

If you wish to use our kitchen as an example of your workmanship to potential customers, please feel free to ask.

Once again Ron, thank you very much. It was a pleasure to deal with you.

Your sincerely,

Ted & Evelyn Ingram



The kitchen looks very good , both Marilyn and myself are very pleased with the finished kitchen also with the professionalism of yourself and your team , as this is the 2nd kitchen you built for us in the past 14month shows that we hold your work in very high regard , I would not hesitate in recommending you to build a kitchen for anyone and would be only to pleased to talk to anyone that may be considering updating their kitchen.
Once again thanks to you and your team for our new kitchen.

Cheers Fred & Marilyn


Ron Ashby,

Just a note to thank you and your staff on a very efficient and prompt service in regards to the kitchen renovations in our home. We are so very pleased as to how little time it took from measure, manufacture and install our new cupboards.
Both you and your staff are to be congratulated on both your product and efficiency.

With many Thanks

Ron and Betty


Dear Ron,

With our new kitchen now complete we wish to let you know just how delighted we are with the end result of what we imagined might be a rather daunting exercise. Not all renovations proceed smoothly, but with your expertise, attention to detail and willingness to listen to our requirements and work with us, we now have a kitchen that has exceeded our expectations.

Estuary Cabinets came highly recommended to us, and after viewing your work we had no hesitation in placing our renovation with you. We take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the quality of their workmanship, the contactors co-ordinated by you for their efficient, tidy and punctual participation and in particular we thank you for a top class and very pleasing end result.

Lois & Bob


Service is what most impressed us when we first approached Estuary Cabinets to replace our kitchen cupboards. We found Ron and his staff to be friendly and efficient both at the factory and on site. Work began promptly and we were made to feel our kitchen was of prime importance. Ron took out the worry of organizing the plumbing and electrical work. We were also pleased with the attention to detail and the general aim to ensure the overall effect of the finished product to be what we wanted. We strongly recommend Estuary Cabinets for your new kitchen renovation. Furthermore our Kitchen looks great!

Helen and Graeme


Dear Ron,

I wanted to write to say thank you for the work you did in our kitchen. It turned out excellent without the trouble you usually experience with renovations.
I want to thank you for your suggestions & advice which all proved to be helpful to the job being done well.
Other Tradesmen you recomended were all of a high stanard,turned up on time and did the job well.
The overall experience was very positive and we will have no hesitation recomending you.

Cheryl & Colin


We are pleased to recommend Estuary Cabinets and Ron Ashby for their quality work in designing, building and installing our kitchen. They are professional craftsmen.

You hear a lot about the mistakes that are made by kitchen companies not measuring up properly or installing module cabinets that don’t quite fit your design.

We had a substantial number of cabinets built and installed with a large granite top. The turnaround time without a functioning kitchen was 2 days where other cabinet makers were telling us to expect a 3 week delay.

We appreciate a quality product and the finished kitchen has exceeded our expectations. Our kitchen is too beautiful to use - it belongs in a designer magazine.
We are extremely happy.

Thanks again

Alan & Yvonne.


Dear Ron & Staff,

Just a quick note to let you know how pleased we both are with our new kitchen.
Although we didn't know you before going to your showroom, I felt from the start that your work would be A-one, and we were not disappointed!

The large sliding drawers are marvellous for easy accessibility - pretty important in old age! And the extra space is welcome.

I must thank you for arranging the tradesmen needed to get the job done, overall a very Professional exercise.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone, and wish you all the best for the future.


Les & Betty


To Ron,

The kitchen looks great, thankyou so much for doing a great job with the renovations, not only is your workmanship excellent, your friendly professional advice and service was greatly appreciated

Lyn & Steve



Dear Ron,

Thank you for transforming our house into a home.

When we contacted you we were looking for a kitchen renovation, but from the moment you stepped into our house we were privileged to have your expert opinion and professional service on much more than our kitchen.

You and your friendly staff, including the tradesmen you recommended provided much more than a service, we now have some new friends on top of the transformed kitchen, new study and much improved loungeroom/theatre room.

It is difficult to express our gratitude in writing as it doesn't seem adequate. Therefore we hope that by showing people our new kitchen and telling them of our experience with you and your company we can spread the good word for years to come.

I have attached some photos of the kitchen with the glass splashback installed this morning.


Mark and Michelle Piercy


Dear Ron

Just absolutely thrilled to Bits with our new Kitchen

Thank you so much !

We’ll tell everyone who cares to listen just how rapt we are !

Kindest Regards Gwen & Bill






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